TESTIMONIALS : Cataract Testimonials

Couldn’t have imagined I’d be watching a close relative’s eye surgery as it took place – no, not in the O.T. but from waiting hall on a tv monitor that was recording each procedure.

Dr. Harpreet singh is one of the best ophthalmic surgeons in India, with impeccable credentials. It was a privilege watching him operate with such elegance and lightness of touch. His fingers moved like a graceful dancer’s in a well choreographed sequence that dazzled me. ME!!!!!

Someone who is so squeamish about injections and needles. I am seriously needle- phobic and close my eyes when someone is getting an injection – even if that is on the screen. And here I was paying such close attention to

Dr.Harpreet’s every move ( magnified, of course, and doubly scarey). Now that I know I won’t faint at the sight of an eye when a cataract is being pulverised before getting it sucked out , I’ll be able to handle myself less hysterically while donating blood.

[…..on her father’s stichless, injectionless, cataract surgery]

—    Lovely Dhindsa,  Barmingham  UK

The surgery of Dr.Harpreet   was so clean and expert. You will not believe but my mother was not ready for her right eye operation after her bad experience of left eye surgery in  2003 that took about 55 minutes and after 1 year she even loss her vision. She is a diabetic and blood pressure patient and I was scared  to find the Best Doctor in India.

This time She  was admitted at 11:55, entered in Operation Complex by 01:00 pm and came out healthy and happily at 01;10 pm. AMAZINGLY without any pain, bandage.She went home seeing without any glasses. During the treatment, hospitality, surgery, appointments, accounts procedures and all other communication we feel we are not in India.

The infrastructure and environment along with the extra ordinary hospitality made a pleasant reatment

[…after his mother’s surgery for cataract]

— Manjinder Singh   from    ITALY

Had developed recently a cataract in my left eye and then into the right eye. It had developed so quickly that I was almost unable to see anything even with magnifying glasses.

I heard of a recent development in the treatment of cataract in USA but implanting a multifocal lens in the eye to replace the bad one.

In the USA it takes long time to get appointment with a good center plus it is not conventiently located near by apart from being very expensive. Then I came to know about Harpreet eye and dental care centre from internet. I was amazed by the promptness of the services.

My cataract surgery took only 7 minutes during which I was just chatting with my Doctor.With multifocal lenses I can see both near and distance objects without glasses.

– Joginder singh OHIO USA.
Lasik testimonials

“After  the  Lasik surgery I  feel much better than before doing it. I see the wall clock clearly.  when I  wake  up in  the  Morning, unlike  earlier  where  I  would  search  for  my  glasses  to be  able to do that. I am satisfied and feel very thankful for moral support. The Doctors here made this miracle come true “

–.Mrs.Veena Bajaj ,manager state bank Patiala Jalandhar.
“”I was  a bit  scared initially  but  the  surgery was  painless and  now I see  clearly than I did before   with  contacts. It  is  a  relief  to  not  be  dependent  on  glasses  and  lenses  and  I experienced  Normal vision””.

Kim Johal NAROBI.