This involves the procedure of C-MICS (Coaxial – micro incision cataract surgery) through a 1.6 mm – 1.8 mm with the implantation of a 3rd generation ultra thin foldable Intra ocular lens called MIL (Micro incision Intra ocular Lens) using the most advanced cataract removal system in the world , this is called “THE STELLARIS VISION ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM

The procedure performed By this technology is called MICS

The technique of MICS makes this cataract surgery super safe, painless, speedy and super accurate, The vision recovery after the surgery near instantaneous within a matter of minutes with no need for pad or bandage after the surgery where in the patient may even be able to drive back home and resume the daily routines of life the same or max within one day.


Ensuring extremely high quality surgery has been made possible with the new technique called Stellaris-Micro incision cataract surgery (using Co-axial Micro incision cataract surgery) also simply called MICS.

This revolutionary technique of cataract removal is done with a state of the art equipment called “Stellaris Vision Enhancement System” by Bausch and lomb, launched recently all over the world. and is one of the most advanced cataract removal systems on the planet.

Advantages of MICS

The advantages of reducing the incision size from the present popular size 0f 2.8-3.4 mm with standard phacoemulsification by approximately 50% to 1.6-1.8mm using the MICS are significant for the patient namely-

Smaller incisions(50% smaller) heal faster lead to faster vision recovery

Smaller incision induce lesser change of original shape of eye. Hence less astigmatism and lesser requirement of post operative Spectacles

Enhanced quality of postoperative vision with improved IOLs having advanced optics technology giving an enhanced vision contrast

Faster healing means good news for diabetic patients(who have delayed wound healing tendency)

Lesser incidence of infections (as wound has fast healing)

Minimal restrictions post operatively(as the wound heals superfast)

Less follow up visits to the surgeon

The patient can get back to his normal life style like watching T.V, computer reading etc. nearly immediately.

All these above advantages contribute to this particular cataract surgery SMICS being more safe even in summer/rainy
season, thus breaking the age old myth about cataract surgery being unsafe in summer and rainy seasons.

This surgery is completed using a special lens the MI60 MIL which can be inserted through the original 1.6-1.8 mm.


These MIL-60 lenses offer the patient a clear vision across all varying light conditions and contrast situations and are even reported to give better vision than the patient had ever experienced before having cataract, these lenses are designed to give maximal quality of vision and reduced to reduce the rate of after cataract to bare minimum.

In fact MICS is the most modern method of the cataract operation along with MIL through with a small (1.8mm to 1.6 mm) wound size in the world today and the conventional technique of phaco of 3 mm is going to be obsolete.

With this advanced technology of MICS, more and more cataract patients are getting benefit from this surgery where the surgery is done with the minimum 1.6-1.8 mm incision.