Plastic surgery around the eye is known as ophthalmoplastic surgery. Common diseases requiring plastic surgery are :

Plerygium : This is thickening of nasal conjunctiva. (outer thin membrane covering the white of eyeball). lt occurs commonly due to dry weather and sunlight (u.v.rays). If the thickened conjunctiva infiltrates cornea (black part of eye) and interferes with vision, surgery is required.

Pterygium Surgery : Previously the pterygium was excised and the area was left bare (bare sclera technique) but recurrence rate was  high in such cases. Now latest technique is conjunctival autotransplantation which is being done at our centre. In this technique after excision of pterygium the bare area is covered with conjunctiva taken from same or opposite eye. Recurrence rate is very less in this procedure.



Entropion : It is inward turning of eye lids (upper or lower). The eye lashes cause irritation, watering and redness because of rubbing with eye ball surgical procedure is done to correct the condition.

Ectropion : It is outward turning of eye lids. This produces excessive watering. Surgical treatment corrects the condition.





Skin grafting : In cases of burns/trauma etc there may be loss of lids or distortion of lids, In such cases the diseased skin of lids is removed and replaced by fresh skin taken from other parts of body.


Burn case before surgery


Surgery in progress. Skin is being taken from behind the Ear


After surgery

Tumours of Eye (Cancer) : Tumurs (Cancer) can also occur in various parts of eye. Tumour removal and reconstruction of eye lids is also done at our centre.


A case of upper lid cancer
(Before surgery)


A case of upper lid cancer
(Before surgery)


A case of upper lid cancer
(After surgery)


A case of upper lid cancer
(After surgery)

Ptosis : Drooping down of upper lid is called ptosis. Surgical correction is required in most of the cases.

  • If the muscle lifting the eye lid is weak but having some action, it is strengthened (LPS resection).
  • If the muscle is not working at all, the eye lid is lifted by a sling (frontalis sling operation).

Ptosis before surgery


Ptosis after surgery



Diseases of naso lacrimal apparatus :

Congenital nasolacrimal duct (NLD) : Blockage nasolacrimal duct is a small passage which takes tears from eyes to nose. it may be blocked right from birth. The child has watering of eye involved.

Treatment : The blocked passage is opened by a small needle passed through the passage followed by forced jet of water (syringing).

  • Dacryocystitis : It occurs in adults because of NLD block There is watering in the eye and a swelling occurs close to inner edge of eye.
  • Treatment : The surgery done is called dacryocystorhinostomy In this surgery the nasolacrimal passage is exposed and connected to the nasal wall directly.